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News and Events

Welcome to the SB Security Solutions News and information page.

As we go into 2020 we find ourselves looking towards the year ahead. No one could have imagined the outbreak of the CoronaVirus and the impact it has had on our industry, but not just us, the whole of the UK and the World! Our NHS is doing a fantastic job in giving medical aid to persons who have caught the virus and their aftercare. Emergency services are doing the best they can and now moving into the next phase, a total shutdown of the UK as we know it. This is for the best and understandably, staff who work within various industries are now going to feel the strain on everyday life! We will pull through this as the UK has a good response infrastructure but it will be hard going in between.

So, we as a Company, must continue to look forward and protect our business as best as possible. Please liaise with your Managers to get updates regarding work and I hope we have looked after you and you stay with us in the future.

Work Updates:

We have had many cancellations but some of these have been rebooked for other dates in the year so please keep in touch. We have a ‘WhatsApp’ group for the Company so please join it and receive regular updates.

Upcoming events for 2020:

  • Cranleigh Show: 27th June
  • Bermondsey Carnival: 4th July
  • LPD 11th July
  • F1:  15th  –  20th July
  • Mistress Mary: 17th – 19th July
  • Silverstone Classic: 30th July – 03 August
  • Boomtown: 12th – 16th August
  • We Out Here Festival: 20th – 24th August
  • Festival of Beer: 21st – 24th August
  • Moto GP: 27th – 31st August
  • British Touring Cars – 25th – 28th September
  • World Endurance Championship:
  • Fireworks – Silverstone 6th November
  • Fireworks –  Southwark – 5th nov (TBC)
  • Fireworks – 7th November (TBC)

We are also undertaking our 17th consecutive year this year, contracted to the BBC, which includes both studio and filming around the UK.

Please stay in touch with regular updates and information on this page.

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