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About SB Security

SB Security Solutions was founded in June 2005 to provide potential clients with a different outlook towards the security industry.

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The founders, Steve and Sharon Bettesworth, have many years experience working within the industry. With hands on experience covering television, outside broadcast, as well as large and small events. S B Security has been responsible for the security at backstage, indoor and outdoor events for large and small Venues. We also have a wealth of experience looking after individual artists, pop bands and celebrities. We are currently contracted for the ‘Backstage Security at the  SSE Wembley Arena, responsible for security and customers . We can supply security  staff to Major events and Festivals. We operate a ‘contractors’ scheme where we use labour providers and all of their relevant information and insurance is held by us.

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We will provide you with quality, trained, uniformed and experienced staff. We pride ourselves on a pro-active workforce that are capable of making decisions where necessary, but will follow guidelines and management structure.

Most companies will tell you that they can supply everything – and make no mistake, we will tell you that too, but the difference is – SB Security Solutions deliver! Our aim is simple…

  • To keep the company professional, and maintain excellent customer care.Security at The Mix 2009
  • To work with our clients and deliver their expectations.!
  • To ensure we get regular feedback, and listen to our clients.
  • To listen to our staff to ensure we can provide continuity of workforce.
  • To maintain our client database.

Our staff go through Onsite Training, working with partners, to ensure our staff are ‘ready’ for all eventualities.

SB Security Solutions Ltd holds approved contractor status for the provision of  Security Guards, Door Supervisors and Close Protection Officers.(ACS)


S B Security Solutions Limited places a great deal of trust in the performance of its Management and Employee’s who are regularly charged with the Security of property, services and personnel. Our aim is to ensure our clients, consumers and other interested parties are provided for with a security service of the highest quality. We will continue to develop with their needs and expectations foremost.

The trust given to all of us, is not lightly awarded by our clients, and it is therefore of prime importance that all duties are undertaken in a professional manner with due diligence accorded to their wishes and instructions. By working in partnership, we can improve and maintain the high standards of service that we are dedicated to provide.

S B Security Solutions Ltd has high standards of training for all of their staff and a continuing professional development programme is in place to ensure those standards are maintained.

Resource and training requirements are regularly reviewed, in consultation with external Training Companies and Highfield for CT Awareness Training (Project Argus or the new ACT). We are also accredited and audited by external regulatory bodies to ensure quality (ACS SIA) and standards are upheld.

Management meetings and team talks, with Clients, Consumers & Stakeholders; alongside our Supervisors and Employee’s are regularly held. This ensures our senior management receives balanced feedback which enables us to continually improve our services.

Only with the full understanding and commitment of all our employees will S B Security Solutions Limited continue to provide a superior service & support for our clients and consumers. Ultimately, this will secure our employment for the future.







SB Security Solutions Limited strives to ensure that the work it undertakes does not have a negative impact on the environment and its staff, customers and the general public. To this end the company ensures it is up to date with all regulations and recommendations regarding environmental concerns, its social impact and responsibility as a company


Health and Safety

The company recognises its responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of all people they come in contact with, be it employees, contractors or the general public. It continually assesses and reviews its impact on the environment to ensure it is minimised as much as possible. SB Security strives to maintain high levels of health and safety and its staff will continue to ensure its workplace is a safe environment. All employees are up to date and fully trained in all aspects of health and safety including first aid, fire drills, conflict management and dealing with vulnerable adults and children



Our business and livelihood depends on our clients. All employees are responsible for ensuring that any contact with clients reflects professionalism, efficiency, courtesy and honesty. We will strive to provide a high quality level of service together with good value for money. We take seriously all feedback that we receive from clients and where possible maintain open dialogue to ensure that we fulfil the requirements outlined within this policy. We will register and resolve client complaints in accordance with our documented procedures and standards of service.


Labour Suppliers

We shall continue to monitor and encourage our Labour suppliers to adopt responsible environmental, Health, Safety and business policies and practices for our mutual benefit.

Environment                                                                                                                                                 SB Security Solutions Limited understands the need to progress in an environmentally friendly manner and that small changes can make a big difference to the environment. Currently the company encourages carpooling, working from home; minimal printing and non essential electrical are turned off when not in use. They also ensure that vehicles are regularly serviced and prior route planning is implemented to ensure the shortest route to the destination. The company aims to implement more changes which will impact positively on the environment

Human Rights

SB Security Solutions Limited will not tolerate the abuse of human rights. They will refuse to engage in any activity, or associate with any company/persons, who encourage the abuse of human rights. Currently the company ensures all uniforms are provided by fair trade companies.


Employee Relations

SB Security Solutions Limited provides fair working practises for all staff employed. The company ensure that all employees are treated equally and fairly irrespective of disability, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation or marital status. The company appoint, train, develop and promote on the basis of merit and ability. They encourage its employees to progress and will often invest in further training for those employees who would like to learn. They are designing their own management qualification for their staff with the intention to get the qualification recognised by a Recognised Awarding Body. Management strives to inspire and motivate its staff for constant improvement.



Protection of the Public / Counter Terrorism Measures

As a service company SB Security Solutions Ltd frontline staff interact with the public on a daily basis. Therefore, it is vital to ensure where practicably possible, the safety of the public, both on sites where our staff are operating and the wider area. Our staff have comprehensive training on Crowd Control measures and Counter terrorism Strategies. The company also ensure particular attention is paid to the protection of groups which may be considered disadvantaged by others and the protection of vulnerable children and adults. Our licensed staff are all first aid and conflict management trained and are competent in dealing with children and vulnerable adults.


Community Investment

SB Security Solutions Ltd take pride is supporting communities. They generate more employment opportunities each year both locally and nationally. The company has also been involved in various sponsorships including:

  • 25 mile cycle race for the Children Ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth
  • Sponsoring a local under 8’s football team
  • Sponsoring a local adult football team
  • Sponsors staff who undertake their own charitable activities
  • Signed up for the 4th year running for local Radio station, ‘Cash for Kids’ raising money for under privileged children.


The company strives to ensure that all business activities undertaken are environmentally and socially acceptable, ensuring a high standard of service without a negative impact. Keeping up to date with all new legislation and offering services to its clients who may not be aware of recent developments to ensure good working practises. We are constantly striving to deliver the best level of service to our customers while also improving our service by taking into account feedback from our customers.

Clients of SB Security Solutions